It can be hard to know when you might need to replace your roof because understandably it’s not something that you will check every day. With so many other things going on it can be easy to forget about maintaining your roof, however, it is important to do so to prevent problems in the future. 

You should check your roof at least twice a year to look for any signs of damage. As the seasons change different types of weather can have different impacts on your roof. Checking this at least twice a year covers you for all weather fronts throughout the year. Finding damage early can save you a lot of money in the long run and help you to avoid potential dangers too.

S&J Roofing has collected together a few signs to look out for to help you understand how to identify if your roof needs replacing. If you would like more information on our roofing services in Bath please do get in touch with us today on 01225 951 223


Inside Inspection 

inside Inspection

To carry out an inside inspection all you have to do is start in your attic and look for the following: Sagging, Water rings, Dark Patches and Sunlight shining through. These are all signs of roof damage and it is important to speak to a roofing specialist if you notice one of these problems on the inside of your home. 





Loose Tile Fittings

Broken Tiles

It is very common for roof tiles to become broken, loose, displaced or cracked. You can check this yourself if you have the right safety equipment, however, we would recommend calling in a professional to prevent accidents. If you notice that more than a couple of tiles are loose or missing you may want to consider replacing your roof. A weak roof with missing or damaged tiles could cave in, so it is important to act quickly. 




Water Damage 

water damage

It is important not to dismiss water damage in your home as damp as this could be a sign that your roof will need replacing. Even a small amount of watermark or mould could mean that water has come in through the roof, or that your roof has a hole, crack or missing tile. If you notice any water damage in your home, check your roof, as this will help to prevent further damage which could be costly. 




Mould Growth

Mould on roof

Moss can look harmless, however, it can cause moisture damage to the roof tiles. During the warmer months, it can spread quickly so it is important to make sure you catch it before it gets out of hand. You can remove it very easily by brushing it away with a stiff broom, however, if your roof is covered in moss, we would recommend speaking to a specialist.  




Light Coming Through the Roof

Light Coming In Through Roof

Every couple of months you should make a habit of turning out the lights in the upper rooms of your home and looking up at the roof. The best time to do this is around sunset, as it will be dark enough inside with the lights out, yet bright enough outside to see any light coming through the roof. 

Light coming in through your roof could mean there are cracks and holes in your roof which should be checked and attended to as soon as possible. You can then check to see if that part of the roof can be fixed or if the roof will need replacing altogether. You can also get in touch with local roofing experts to assess your roof for you. 



Ageing Roofs

Age Bricks

Through the years, many different materials have been used for roofing and in the UK the most common roofs are installed with tiles and shingles. This is due to the fact that the materials are designed to stand the test of time and withstand the British weather.

The age of your home and roof will usually determine which materials were used, how the roof was built and how to maintain it. The age of your home will also depend on whether or not your home has a single layer or multiple layers of shingles. If your roof is more than 15 years old or older it might be worth getting a professional to take a look and see if it needs replacing. 



Local Roofing Experts In Bath

S&J Roofing are your local roofing specialists covering Bath & the surrounding areas. The team provides high-quality standards of work at competitive prices. With over 30 years experience our team of experts will be able to identify and fix any problems that you have with your roof as quickly and efficiently as possible. We take pride in delivering a first-class service on time and to a budget. If you would like more information on our roofing services in Bath please get in touch with a member of the team today on 01225 951 223 today.